Things to Know

2018 Dates
Aug. 24th, 5 pm–10 pm • Aug. 25th, noon–10 pm • Aug. 26th, noon–6 pm

Family Festival Favoloso!

The Butler Italian Festival accentuates the deep and rich heritage of “famiglia” with events, activities and performances that unite spectators from all nationalities who enjoy life and appreciate the warmth of celebratory togetherness.

What to Know before you get here.

Free Parking

In honor of the festival, all City of Butlerparking areas are FREE for spectators with the exception of the new McKean Street Parking Garage.

Street Closures

  • Main Street
    • Friday, Aug. 24 closed from 2 pm to 10 pm
    • Saturday, Aug. 25 closed from noon to 10 pm
    • Sunday Sept. 26 closed from noon to 6 pm
  • Side Streets
    The following side streets (between Jefferson
    and Pearl) will be closed each night:

    WISR Way, Walnut, Locust, New Castle, Brady,
    North, and Penn
    Friday through Sunday, all streets will re-open
    at 10 pm, or as soon as can practically be accomplished.
    On Sunday, streets will re-open at 7 pm, or as soon as can be practically accomplished.

Q & A